all about Me

They say BIG surprises are wrapped in small packages... that's Me!  responsible daughter, dedicated sister, loving aunt, reliable friend, passionate artist and photographer, meticulous party planner, creative home decorator, professional brand manager, fussy fashion buyer, ... all of these inside a 4 11' frame of a woman. 

I'm in love with fashion and my dream of earning a living by 'shopping' is fulfilled in my ten years of working in the retail fashion industry.  I can say that I am an expert in this field, but then no matter how much you like something... (when everything works like clockwork and you don't think anymore, when waking up in the morning takes so much effort because deep in your heart you're already looking for something else that will give that adrenaline rush)... there will come a time when YOU WILL FEEL TIRED.  And it happened to me, I am just plain exhausted.  I needed to be excited again. Get thrilled! Be free to express my self, share my art, reveal how I see the world. I need to find another channel to unleash my creativity. Thus the birth of this blog in 2010.

I realized that there is one more thing I want to become... a writer.  When stuff is overflowing up there, you've just got to let it all out.  I am happy to explore anything and everything.  I want to inspire people...there is so much to say, so much to share and this is how I am doing it. 

Welcome!  I hope you like it here.  Feel free to explore and leave a comment , I would love to hear from you.  I appreciate your honesty but please be gentle with my heart.

Life is a choice, you can either be happy or stay in misery - good or bad - brave or coward, but at the end of the day it is how you have given love that matters the most. Live with joy in your heart!

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