Friday, July 30, 2010

Best recession proof jobs in the next 5 years

It's been 2 year's now that the world is experiencing this so called global recession.  

What is recession?  According to Wikipedia, 
Recession is a business cycle contraction, a general slowdown in economic activity over a period of time.  During recessions, many macroeconomic indicators vary in a similar way. Production as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, investment spending, capacity utilization, household incomes, business profits and inflation all fall during recessions; while bankruptcies and the unemployment rate rise. SOURCE
A bit scary, isn't it?  Now this leads us to think of our future and our families as well.  How can we be recession proof in the next 5 years?  Shall we stay in our present industry or a wise career move is the next best move?

Well, here are some recession resistant jobs you may want to consider.

According to the latest employment projections from the U.S. Department of Labor, good news is on the horizon for job seekers.
Check out five recession-resistant jobs expected to experience employment growth through 2018.


They provide vital services to companies and individuals who want to maintain solid financial footing by analyzing and communicating financial information, ensuring public records are kept, and preparing taxes.
Recession resistance: Accountants and auditors held 1.3 million jobs in 2008, and that number is expected to increase by 279,400 over the next decade into 2018
Average yearly salary: $65,840
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Providing needed assistance in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, and chiropractors, medical assistants handle administrative, clinical, or other specialized tasks.

Recession resistance: The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts the number of medicals assistants will grow 34 percent from 2008-2018. Reasons: Medical advancements and an aging U.S. population.

Average yearly salary: $29,060 

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RNs treat patients, give advice about medical conditions, instruct families on how to deal with health issues, and provide valuable emotional support. 
Recession resistance: RNs are the largest health care occupation with 2.6 million jobs. And that number is expected to increase by 22 percent through 2018. Reasons: Increasingly complex medical treatments and the rising number of aging Americans needing long-term care.
Average yearly salary: $65,130

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They make computers tick by creating, testing, and evaluating software applications and systems. Engineers might even design the latest hot-selling computer game or develop a new operating system. 
Recession resistance: In 2008, computer software engineers and programmers held about 1.3 million jobs. That figure is expected to jump 21 percent by 2018. Reasons: Concerns over information security and increased needs for new software.
Average yearly salary: $73,470

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Sometimes called management consultants, analysts serve private industry by evaluating and recommending ways to better an organization's efficiency and productivity or to increase profits. 
Recession resistance: Competition for management analyst jobs is highly competitive, but firms who might hire consultants specializing in environmental ("green") issues are expected to help the number of analysts jobs grow by 24 percent into the year 2018.
Average yearly salary: $82,920

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