Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The shortest 8 hours of my life - Prologue

Tired and beaten, I have nothing in mind but to get a lot of sleep.  After a full day of meetings and reports preparation getting well rested is more of a must than a choice specially when the plan was to head straight to the office right after landing.  Thsese are the times when  I actually think about my lifestyle.  Is it really worth it to continue this way?  Nah! of course!  I have to admit, business has always been with pleasure. 
The drive to the airport was quick, the driver seems to be in so much hurry for reasons only he can fathom.  “Good, I will have plenty of time in the terminal - no rush"  A sumptuous chinese dinner (the last one before I go back to desert country) - check.  Returning home gifts - check.  Relaxing massage - check.  Everything done, I breezed through all the airport proceedings and before I knew it I'm walking up to the business class lounge - oh, the perks of earning numerous miles.  I found a corner, sat down and watched as the big metal birds take off and land wondering when mine will be coming.   
'EK-405... is now ready for boarding, all passengers please...'  the sound of the PA signaled I start to walk towards the boarding gates.  My gate is just nearby the lounge, I reached quickly.  Again all the checking again and finally I'm entering the plane.  'I will be sleeping in Singapore and wake up in Dubai'

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