Friday, November 19, 2010

I love mindmovies

I first knew about about Natalie and mindmovies last October when a friend shared in an e-mail her video. I was already into the visualization stuff that I did not mind it at first.

I am clearing my in-box last week when I came across this mail again and actually given it attention.  True enough, the video gave answers to questions deeply hidden within me.  I have a clearer perspective in many areas of my life.  

Since then I got hooked with mindmovies because of all the beautiful things I learn and the direction it has brought me.

My friend was kind enough to share it and I want to do the same.


PS: Thanks to my friend and to Natalie for her inspiration.

-------Original Message-------

Subject: Ohhh...That's why!

I'm no psychic but here's the ANSWER...

Get it here in my latest vid

You know the answer to that big question that's been in the
back of your mind this past week...the answer to 'Why'??

But before I tell you more.. I just want to say a MASSIVE
thanks for all of the inspiring and positive comments left on the

It's been a wonderful experience connecting with you...the
response has been overwhelming and I'm really happy that you
resonate with and enjoy the information in my videos, so
please...keep them flowing :) I love going through them.

Ok so here's what I've done to answer that burning question..

I've made another *very special* video for you that will answer
the WHY's that have probably been popping up in your head
while watching my last couple of vids..

Get the answers here

Questions like..

- Why would the LOA work for you even if you are someone
who doesn't completely believe it exists?
- Why will the 4 success principles I have told you about work
when there is sooo much information out there and none of it
seems to have worked before?
- Why does LOA seem to be so inconsistent?

Plus I also go into a lot more detail on how to achieve
your goals with some simple and easy to implement steps.

So to get all these answers and more...simply Watch My Latest
Video HERE

Have a wonderful day,

The Mind Movies Team

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