Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pebble beneath my bed

I don't want to be negative, but sometimes things happen or you come across people, and it is just so difficult to keep a positive self. 

Today, I am reminded of the fairytale 'Princess and the Pea'.  For those who does not know the story, it is about a young lady who passed the queen's test to prove that she is a real princess for her son.  When it was time to rest, the old queen hid a small pea underneath 20 mattresses and bed covers - this is where the princess should sleep.  In the morning when asked about her sleep, the princess said that she hardly closed her eyes.  There seem to be something hard in the bed she can't explain... to cut the long story short, the queen is convinced and the princess and the prince lived happily ever after.


You deliver your best - you make everything happen - you do a great job - you give your all - you oil the machine and it runs smooth - you teach - you share - you sacrifice... despite all, someone / something will remain to be the lump in your throat - who is never satisfied - finds fault - makes like difficult.

Twenty mattresses and bed covers against one pea.  Do the math!  The mattresses are all the beautiful things that is around us - a faithful God, loving family, wonderful friends, good job, great business, nice car, comfortable home, good health, fine jewels, yummy food, love, trust, cool gadgets, respect  - practically anything and everything we love that really matters.  The pea would be a small pain, the black dot somewhere in your white universe that tries to pull you down. Don't let this happen.  When things get soar, lets never forget about our mountain of blessings and shoo away that small pebble.

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