Monday, January 24, 2011

Goal Setting Help

Did you think about positive New Years resolutions early this year?  

How are you doing in the achievement of these goals?  Any progress yet or are you back to your old habits and nothing actually happened. 

I am guilty of it this too many times in the past...  Have set  goals - career goal, weight loss goal, personal development goal - financial goal... but completely failed in achieving it?

Why?  Because I don't know how to set goals correctly.

If 10 books, 20 seminars and 8 life coaches tell you that the first step in the successful achievement of your goals is to WRITE THEM DOWN, then it must the right.  
I was lazy, never took the step to write down what I want to achieve - I relied on my memory assuming that it will do.  I was wrong!  

At the beginning of this year I finally came to my senses and sat down, wrote everything that I wanted to achieve, change and have this year.  I poured down my emotions and wrote in detail how I envision my 2011.  I even made myself a vision board because I also learned that our brain responds well to visual images. (I will share more about this topic later).  And then everyday I would look at my list with my vision board and imagine my dreams actually actually becoming reality.
Believe it or not, as of this writing 1 of my goals already happened. And I am having a clear road to the achievement of the rest of my dreams.   I know, within this year, my dreams will become reality.

It happened to me... I am sure you can have the same results too.  

The following video will explain in detail the road to your success... whatever your goals in life are.  By the way, she is Natalie from the MIND MOVIES TEAM.  They are doing a wonderful job in helping people towards a happy and positive life.

Enjoy... and I hope you learn as much as I did.

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