Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are you hungry? Be happy because you are blessed!

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If there is one thing I learned from this weeks SOUL FOOD, it's this... To be hungry is a blessing.

What? How can hunger be a blessing?  Simple, because a person without hunger is a miserable person.  Try to picture this. 

A multi-billionaire with a huge house, countless cars, fat bank account, overflowing food everyday,  travels around the world, spends time in the casino, all family have got their own life.  Never goes hungry.  Is this person happy?  Maybe?  For how long?  What's the meaning of his life? Is there still a purpose for living. 

So yes, hunger is a great blessing!  

Allow me to quote Bro. Bo and his story
Last week, someone asked me, “Bo, you’re a entrepreneur and a missionary. If you were only an entrepreneur, you’d probably be ten times richer!”

The answer is a resounding No! If I wasn’t a missionary, I’d be ten times poorer. Because if I wasn’t a missionary, I wouldn’t have had the great hunger I have today.

Here’s my guess: After the initial success of my businesses, I would have remained complacent. I’d tell myself, “Why earn more? Why work harder?” There was no purpose.

But because my goal was to raise money for my ministry, this hunger drove me to earn more.
And I have so many dreams for God’s work. These dreams fuel my hunger.

I’ve met people who have earned a lot of money and have lost their passion for life. Because they have lost their hunger. Their dreams have been fulfilled and they have no new dreams.

But that’s because they only think of themselves. SOURCE

Some years ago I am not a hungry person.  I have fulfilled my dreams and can basically do whatever I want.  I don't have any more goals and because of this I became lost.  Because I am only thinking of myself, I began to question the purpose of my existence.  

Dear friends, never stop dreaming.  Set yourself on fire with new goals.  Share more and more of yourself.  Don't be afraid to go hungry because it is actually a blessing.

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