Saturday, July 30, 2011

Secrets of the Truly Rich

We all say yes to become rich, right? Of course! Who doesn’t? The question is do you believe yourself when you say you want to be rich? Are you doing something to become rich? Do you even know how to become rich?

To become rich (or become anything you want to be for that matter), you need to change your paradigm (this is also according to Mr. Bob Proctor) , you need to change the way you think about yourself and how successful you are in all aspects of life. You need to study how successful people think.

Unless You Get Consistently Immersed In a New Way of Thinking, You Won’t Change!

The many talks and materials (by Bo Sanchez) teach how to be financially successful. Not only that, the principles given can actually be a guide towards success in almost every aspect of life – HEALTH / WEALTH / RELATIONSHIPS.

Bo Sanchez is an international speaker, travelling extensively around the world. So far, he has spoken in 14 countries, including 38 cities in North America. Click here to know more about him. 

Let me share with you below some real insights you can expect by listening to a TRULY RICH CLUB Power Talk

3 reasons why people are poor:
1/ Because they don’t want to become rich, subconsciously people are conflicted
2/ Many are financially stupid
3/ They don’t ride vehicles to wealth

Plus 8 secrets of the truly rich
1/ Be responsible for your financial success
2/ Enlarge your psychological wallet
3/ Get rid of crazy religious beliefs
4/ Be totally committed to your dream
5/ Raise your financial IQ
6/ Ride something to wealth
7/ Have a bias for action
8/ Win in all areas

Are you ready for change?

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