Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art of Dead Ma - How it started

'Dead Ma' in Filipino slang simply means having no care.  It is just like saying - 'I don't care' - or ' minding my own business.

Through the years, I have mastered the art of 'dead ma'.  You can say that I would be the least affected person in any environment while the rest of the world is like having a heart attack.  Oh, but don't get me wrong, I do get stressed and burned out - after all, I am still human.


Eight months after I earned a degree in Fine Arts, I became a certified career woman when I landed a job in retail fashion.  I took the position of assistant merchandise buyer in a Department Store at the Shangri-La Mall although I was actually hired to become an assistant fashion designer.  The latter position was not yet available so the former post was offered on a temporary basis.  Fresh out of school I was excited to start something new so I took it even though I have the slightest idea what a merchandise buyer is.  Later did I realize that it was technically 'shopping for a living'.  Funny because while still studying, whenever I am asked about what job I like to have, I would always answer... 'Yung ang ginagawa lang ay mag shopping ng mag shopping' (the kind that all you have to do is go shopping).  So there I was learning what I have to know and yes living what I dreamed of.  (That was one on the manifestations of how powerful my words are, I will share more about this later).

That was in 1996, and this was how I started a career in the Retail Fashion Industry.  After three and a half years I moved to another company (JG Summit Group) - bigger, better position and higher salary but in the same line of work.   Now I am more at ease and confident with my chosen profession.  I loved the idea of traveling, buying things I like, haggling for the best prices and seeing my choices take off from the shelves gives me a different sense of high.


I stayed in the retail fashion world for a good ten years in the Philippines until I decided to follow my siblings to the other side of the globe - the Middle East.

...to be continued

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