Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Art of Dead Ma - the continuation...


2006, I made a big leap to start a new life in the UAE. I left behind my friends and a good career to be with my siblings who at that time were the only people I want to be with. It was bit scary but at the same time I knew that I am doing the right thing.

Arriving on a visit visa that will only last for 2 months, I wasted no time to get back on my feet. After two weeks of persistent job hunting and comparing one company after another, I accepted a job in the construction industry. Construction! What is this? Totally not my line, I jumped in because it was some kind of related to interior designing which by the way is also my interest. (This is entirely a different story which I will tell more about in another blog) To cut short, I left 6 months later and moved to the activity I am born to do – shopping.


Retail is a very demanding world, everything moves so fast you need to be constantly moving and ready for the unexpected. Like trends, today it is all about florals – blink your eye and suddenly it is stripes. What I’m saying is that you must be driving a sports car lest you want to be left behind in your old rusty Buick.

Ten years in this trade, I learned that the only way to cope is by learning the Art of Dead Ma. I need to be focused and detached from any criticism, negative skepticism, unreasonable behavior and most specially difficult, cranky people.


From my very first job up to the present, I am professionally challenged to work with the most complicated of superior. I survive because of how I mastered the art of ‘dead ma’. The key is to never get affected – know your job, be confident, be prepared and open to learning. Remain calm, keep a positive attitude, prove your efficiency and consider every situation as an opportunity to grow both on a personal and professional level. At the end of the day, retail is all about business, making sale, achieving targets, delivering results and successfully maneuvering your way to every sticky situation that pops up day after day.

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