Friday, December 31, 2010

Bos's Maids Are Richer Than Many Managers

How about that, intriguing title huh?  This is reality.  I know because I have seen this many times as an expat earning a living along with many other expats be it Filipino or other nationality.

I could say that 75% of us here earn more than the income we could have if we stayed in our country (obviously, otherwise we would have stayed back home).  FACT : 90% of this 75% don't have savings.  Why?  Because all the money go to expenses and debts.  True?  Every month it is a cycle, you get your cheque - send money to family, pay bills, pay debts, food, rent.  It is like money passing by your palm and poof! it's gone.

If you are this person, NOW is the time to take action.  Honestly, don't leave your 2011 to chance.  Start small, say just 3% of your income (you can read how I did it here) and then increase slowly depending on how much you can.  The thing here is you have to be consistent and disciplined. 

Now, lastly I would like to stress again the importance of having a mentor to guide you to success.  I would not know any of these if I don't have any teacher.  Please continue reading to find out what kind of information I receive on a monthly basis.


-------Original Message-------
To: Marianne
Subject:My Maids Are Richer Than Many Managers
My Maids Are Now Richer Than Many Managers
  Early this year, I taught my Maids how to invest in the Stock Market.
            People laughed at me when I told them what I was doing.
"That's too much for them," one friend told me. "They can't handle that. It's better to teach them how to put their money in the bank."
            But who's laughing now?
  One of my maids has P83,584 in her Stock Market account.
  My other maid has P70,033 in her account.
  That may not be much to you, but to them, they feel very rich.
            And here's a fact: My Maids are now richer than many Managers.
            I'm not kidding.
            You see, I talk to a lot of Managers when I give corporate seminars.
            Many of them have Zero savings and are buried in debt.
            My maids? They're confident that they'll have P5 Million in 20 years.
If you've got 20 minutes a month,
I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life.
            Each month, my maids bought the Stocks I told them to buy.
            It wasn't easy, believe me. There were days when they didn't want to invest their money—because they wanted to buy something or send it back to their families. But with my coaching, they disciplined themselves and invested their money.
All it takes is 20 minutes a month. 
First, set aside 10% to 20% of your salary each month.
Next, put in your small amount into the Stocks I tell you to buy—which can be done all online, seated in front of your computer, in the comfort of your home. And that's it. Do this each month and you're all set to retire a multi-millionaire.
Here's the deal: Whatever small amounts you can put into the Stock Market today will be worth millions 20 years from now.
I believe that investing (not trading) in the Stock Market is one of the best ways of growing your passive income. Yes, there's a difference between trading and investing. And my eBook and special Reports will teach you the difference.
Guarantee: You'll Be Able To Understand Me
            Do you know the problem with the Stock Market world? 
They don't speak English. Honest.
They speak a strange dialect that is spoken only in the second moon of the planet Uranus. 
But I've solved that problem. If my maids can understand me, then anyone can understand me.
I'll Hold Your Hands Every Step Of The Way
            Here's what I do for my TrulyRichClub Gold members.
Twice a month, I send a very short "Stocks Update". I'll tell you what companies I'm investing in and how they're doing. 
Why will I give this "Stocks Update" Report? To give my TrulyRichClub members guidance and inspiration.  
Especially when there's a crisis, my "Stocks Update" will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your Stocks because of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.
Join Today And You'll Start Stocks Investing Next Week
I have to be honest with you:This may not be for you. 
I don't want you to get into something that isn't for you.
First of all, this isn't for the person who doesn't have a job or business.   
In order to invest regularly, you've got to earn regularly. (My Maids earn a smaller salary than Managers, but you see, it's not how much you earn, but how much you keep of what you earn.)
If you have a regular income and are willing to set aside a few pesos a month to invest in long-term investments—so you can create millions for your future—then listen up. 
2011 is approaching in a few days. 
So here's my big question for you: What will you be doing for your financial future in 2011? 
Will you do something now? Or will you be again wondering, "Where did the year go? Why haven't I done anything to secure my financial future?"
If you want me to help you, then log on at now.
Sign up today, because I'll be sending out my Stocks Update Report for 2011 for my TrulyRichClub Gold members in January 2011.
By next week, you can already start investing in the Stock Market. (My eBook will also teach you how to create an online account in Citiseconline, the biggest online stocks brokerage in the country.)
To join the Club and start creating your multi-million retirement fund, log on at today.
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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