Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking for success? Find your mentors.

God whispered to me one day...

Dear Marianne,

Look in the Bible and you'll see mentoring—as a fruit of humility. Samuel
mentored David. Naomi mentored Ruth. Paul mentored Timothy. Moses mentored
Joshua. I shall provide you with mentors. When you see them walk into your
life, you'll recognize them.


P.S. Marianne, you can't achieve high-level, enduring, fantastic success
without mentors.


True!  Our parents, aunts and uncles, older siblings mentored us, growing up we have our teachers in school, the priest in our community, at work we learn from our superiors (well those who are willing to share what they know).  Mentoring goes on and on, the day we stop learning is the day we die.  Look around you, the most successful people are those having great mentors.  Successful people are hungry for knowledge and are humble enough to accept being taught.

I have my own set of mentors, a lot of them I have never met but the words they impart are of great value in my road to a successful and abundant life.

Bo Sanchez - he is my spiritual and financial coach.  Every week I get a soulfood newsletter that give practical advise on how to live a healthy life be it in the spiritual, financial or personal aspects.  As a member of the TrulyRich Club, I also receive monthly tips on investing in the stock market, power talks and e-books for personal development.  You can receive the same, just log on to TrulyRichclub.com or click here.

John Assaraf (of the Secret) and Garret LoPorto (da Vinci Method) - brain training and meditation guide.  While reading their books I learned the about how our brains function, why we need to tap into our sub-conscious mind, the benefits of meditation and visualization in the goal to realize our inner most dreams.

Natalie Ledwell and the Mind Movies team - their videos are inspiring,  simple, easy and opens our mind to things we already know but fail to recognize.  I love the '7 Secrets to Happiness' and 'Law of Attraction' modules.  Regularly, Natalie would send new stuff for personal growth - mind, body and wallet.

Oprah - I love Oprah, the interviews she does with successful personalities, fashion icons, her book reviews, tips in her online magazine are all so positive.  They move me to reach my full potential.

Jomar Hilario - he is my on-line guru.  Because of him I have passive income from my blogs, website, affiliates and many more on-line businesses.  As a member of his 'Online Mentoring Club' I get to receive tutorials, links, books to keep me update on the latest developments in the internet world.

I also have a teacher in my photography, web hosting, physical training, etc, etc...

Go find yours and live a beautiful life!

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