Monday, December 20, 2010

Gulf News / Headline : New work permit rules in the UAE

Good news or bad news?

2011 looks promising to UAE expats and nationals alike with the implementation of new rules that will ease the process of  job switch in this part of the globe.  Fears of having a ban and not getting an NOC from employer will all be wiped out from the minds of workers. 

And what about the reduction of labor card and residence visa from three to two years?  My say is simple, atleast you are not stuck to a company / sponsor for a long period specially if there is a need to leave. Even thefees look fair by the way the structure is done.

Obviously I am speaking from the point of view of an employee.  I'm sure company owners have something else to say.  But if yours is a humane organization that give workers what is due theirs, then there should be no issue.

I believe rules are created to improve the lives of people within a community.  The question here now is how well the law will be implemented.


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