Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did you write your goals yet? View tips on how to realize your goals this 2011

Seven days is so quick and we are now going on the 2nd week of the year.  Have you written your goals for 2011 yet?  I hope so, if not I suggest you do it NOW if you like to see them turning into reality.

You see, not so long ago I don't write down my goals.  Sub-consciously, I must have known where I'm going - finish school, get a degree, find a job, grow a career, have a car and a house, be financially independent, go travel.  Back then everything felt great because year after year I achieve what I want.

One day - just suddenly life became boring.  I felt tired and lost.  This was when I began to search for answers and in the process realized that my goals are not clear to me anymore. So I started to think about my dreams.  I even told a friend that we need to set a goal for our selves and that we have to accomplish it in the next few years or so.  I was excited, but the realization of these new goals aren't as easy as before.  Why?  Because these new dreams are not deeply etched in my sub-conscious mind.

Here is a simple formula I would like to show before I share with you a video that clearly explains how to focus your mind to success and reach your goals easily.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Natalie Mind Movies Team

So did you catch the super special 2011 goal
setting video I made especially for you the
other day?

If not - you can check it out here - totally complimentary
and if I say so myself, I'm pretty pleased with the result...

Because I think I managed to give you ALL of my
top goal setting secrets without missing a mark!...

I just wanted to say though.. sorry it's a bit long - but
I thought it was better to be detailed with real life
examples along the way so you could really soak
in all the information and then apply it to your life.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it :)

Thanks again for listening ...

Speak to you soon,

The Mind Movies Team

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