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Numerology / 2011 Personal Year Forecast - Part 1

NUMEROLOGY... Understand your character, Analyze you abilities, Discover your psychological interest and many more...

Do you like numerology? If you do, then this information will be interesting to you.

I am sharing below forecast I received by mail from  This is in relation to the new year 2011 and your date of birth... This is complex for me to explain, just continue reading to find out.

Have Fun!  - M

PS: I like reading these stuff because somehow it gives more light on how I understand myself but I strongly believe in God who leads us to create our own destiny.    
-------Original Message-------
Subject: Your 2011 Personal Year Forecast

2010 marks the end of a 3 Universal Year which means that many of
us made new friends and contacts and spent a great deal of our time
socializing. As we go in to 2011, which if you reduce it adds up to
a 4, the overall theme is going to being getting back to fulfilling
our obligations.

Hard work of a mental or physical nature will be required of almost
every number this year. In 2011 it is going to be time to get serious.

However aside from the Universal Year number (4), the year 2011 is
also going to add up to a Personal Year Number for you as well.

Your Personal Year numbers are considered to be a twelve month long
interlude in an epicycle that consists of the nine numbers.  These
Personal Year numbers run concurrently with the calendar year which
has its own personal year number.

For instance let's say that your birthdates is June 7, 1960.

The Universal Year calculation for 2011 is 2+0+1+1= 4

Your Life Path number is 6 + 7 + 1+9+6+0 = 29 =2+9= 11 = 1+1 = 2

You add your 2 Life Path number to the Universal Year number 4 and
you get a 6.

4 (Universal Year) +2 (Life Path number) = 6 (2011 Personal Year)

Just as a refresher your Personal Year is calculated by adding your
month and day of birth to the digits of the current year. This
number is unique in that it pinpoints which areas need the most
development in your current nine-year cycle.

Here are the different interpretations for the Personal Year
numbers: (1 to 5)

Personal Year of 1

If you are a one that is also going through a number 1 year you
have a lot to look forward to.

Your rise will be rapid and profitable the drawback of this is that
there may be a surplus of that driven number 1 energy.  This could
annoy people who are close to you because they may not understand
why you insist on being so independent. This might be particularly
true in January.

In February loved ones may feel ignored and old friends may not
recognize "the new year" or accuse you of forgetting your roots.
As much as success beckons it will imperative to spend some time
with family or friends or you could offend them.

By March, be ready for major changes. You will be propelled by fate
towards starting new projects or enterprises. You will feel a
strong forward push towards new goals. Be open minded and organized.

April is a time to do research, to establish a new vision and
travel and plan. You will be the driving force behind your dreams.
Your newfound independence will inspire others. Be decisive!

May will be your optimum time to be start a new family if you are
so inclined. If not a new family, a new business or work of art or
something with your name on it is likely going to be part of your

June promises to be a very creative month for you. You may find
yourself with a case of wanderlust. Do not be surprised if you find
yourself embarking on a solo journey that somehow has to do with
your self-improvement.

Six months into the year you are going to start seeing rewards for
your hard work in the form of a raise, money or increased
royalties.  July may also see you signing an important contract;
possibly a business agreement or marriage.

By August you will be streamlining your "new system of living" and
making sure that it will work for you. You will be feeling very
happy and satisfied. Many of you will have a new career doing what
you love.

In September you will be merrily reaping the rewards of your hard
work both in terms of reputation and finances.  The labor you
experienced through the first part of the year will start to pay
off.  This is also a good time for you to make changes in your
personal life such as start a diet or exercise program.

  In October, you may feel like you are starting from scratch when
it comes to your personal life, but it is okay to strike out by
yourself.  November could possibly bring you a new business
partner.  By December a great idea of yours is destined for
recognition or fame!

Remember that you are starting a new nine year cycle. Everything
you do now will affect your future. Do not hold back the inner
force of creation. Be direct, daring and confident.

Personal Year of 2

The focus is on relationships whether it be for better or worse.
Many of you could fall in love.  Some people also break up if they
get too close and are prone to codependency.

You start out the year as the star of the show. January is going to
showcase your personality or talent off to others. You will be
invited to all kinds of social events; for some of you this will
bring love and for others this will make you distant from a partner.

February presents challenges.  A relationship may not be going
well. It could be due to jealousy. Yet another issue could be your
health or an addiction. This is a pattern that repeats itself again
in November. Still the Personal 2 year guarantees that you will
find the help that you need to get through it all.

By March you might find yourself taking a break from an
overwhelming situation. It may be more important for you to strike
out on your own and meet new contacts then it will be for your to
humor or nurture existing relationships.

In April you will feel more like finding your roots or connecting
with your family. You will want to entertain and be entertained. It
will be a time of appreciating your friends and all that you have.

In May you might find yourself isolating from a problematic
relationship.  You may feel smothered or like someone is preventing
you from getting ahead.  Some might be separating and moving on. It
may be hard not to feel "scattered" or depressed.

In June some people going through a personal year of 2 are likely
to tie the knot. If you are involved with an important project it
may get the funding or "okay" it needs to go ahead.

In July you could experience some delays and disappointments if you
are disciplined and focused.  Some of you could be recognizing the
need to let go of a relationship for good.  Once free, August
brings you a new chance to strike out on your own without a
personal obstacle that may have been holding you back.

In September you will be able to attract whoever you want - however
you may be more interested in giving a relationship that you
thought was over a second chance.  By October things will feel like
they are moving forward at a fast pace.  However as much as people
may be trying to pry information out of you it is best to be
secretive and discreet about your plans.

You will probably end this year with many of your emotional issues
resolved. By December you may decide to be more independent and
less indulgent emotionally or sexually.

The 2 Year is usually educational or karmic in some way; not so
much fun as intense. Choose your companions wisely as the ups and
downs it offers will require the support of good friends.

Personal Year of 3

In general, this is an optimistic and enthusiastic year. The time
will just fly by you will feel like you are having so much fun. It
is also often a good financial year particularly if you surround
yourself with positive people.

Although you will begin the year feeling loved and appreciated
January could bring financial hardships or health challenges that
could bring some delays and disappointments. However there will be
friends around to keep you company and you will quickly find the
medical or financial support that you need to get through this
trying time.

February brings you an opportunity to travel; it is possible that
you will be combining business with pleasure. However you are to
avoid a temptation towards infidelity that month if you are
married. It's all probably not a good idea to keep secrets at this

March brings financial prosperity and exciting new business
contacts. It will be hard not to catch Spring Fever in April but if
you buckle down and apply all of your attention to a project you
will be richly rewarded.  It is a great yea

In May you may have to curb a tendency toward self-indulgence. It
is okay to be a bit extreme occasionally but if you are a bit too
reckless than you could sabotage all you were working towards in
the spring.  You might also have to deal with a sabotaging personal
habit at this time such as drinking or overeating.

June could bring a soul mate, as well as an opportunity to further
your education.  By July you could find yourself planning to set
off in an entirely new direction in life.  You will be excited
about starting a brand new enterprise completely from scratch.

The good news is that you will probably not be alone as you end the
summer with plans to build a new empire with someone  beloved by
your side. You could also be more emotional than usual.

Love is definitely in the air and in October be prepared to be the
life of the party. The spotlight will be on you so make the best of
all of the positive attention you are getting so try to look the
best that you possibly can.

By November, however, all of this attention will catch up with you
if you do not pace yourself and take care of yourself. By the end
of the year you will be on an entirely new path and barely
recognize yourself as being the same person that you were in
December 2010.

All in all the timing is right for you to strike out on your own,
especially if you are an artist or in a creative field.  In love
you will also be lucky, but possibly a little too lucky - watch out
for a love triangle that could develop, especially in August and

Personal Year of 4

If you are experiencing a personal year of 4 going to finally have
the opportunity to address a health challenge.  The year favors
healers of the brilliant medical sort so if you need a good doctor
you will find one.

In January you may be looking at an agenda that entails a great
deal of work-related travel. You may be feeling a bit lonely but
don't worry because in February you will be travelling a great deal
for family reason. However March is likely to find you isolated
again mostly because you might be digging into a mountain of
necessary work. Still this reshaping of your life is going to bring
you a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that will
make the loneliness and long hours all worthwhile.

In April you will receive a great deal of recognition and
admiration for your self-sacrificing and hard-working ways. This is
also one of your most lucrative months. It is a good time buy
real-estate, rent an apartment or remodel your home.  Trading and
selling is favored but gambling is not; you can be rich but you
will have to earn every penny you make.

The summer may find you on the road again however this time you
will be travelling for pleasure. It is very likely that you will be
spending a great deal of time with children or somehow be put in a
role where you are babysitting.  Pets will also figure heavily into
the picture.

By July you will be obligated to be back at work again, but this
time you will be in more of a leadership position.  Opportunities
to make more of you in life with abound so be sure to "make hay
while the sun is shining."

In August love is in the air and you may find yourself spending a
lot of time with one person. The challenge may be to not make this
a relationship that excludes other people.

Although it is tempting to focus on love and your social life in
September be sure to keep disciplined on track at work. You can't
please everyone all of the time so you must prioritize and pace
yourself.  In October you could feel like the walls are closing in
and like you can't go on.  A break or vacation might be in order at
this time.  Health issues could also be a concern in October as

November could bring more opportunities for work-related travel and
in December it is highly likely that you might be taking a long
vacation or travelling to see friends or relatives who live far

This will be a year of hard work but there will be some time for
play. It is crucial that you fulfill your obligations and try to
build a more solid foundation for your finances and body.

Personal Year of 5

This is a year of unpredictable extremes. Expect a lot of travel
and exciting new relationships but also a whole new set of unique
new challenges and problems.   Many people break up during a year 5
or face a change of residence.

In January the focus will be on family and pets. You will be low
key and possibly a bit depressed. The feeling of discontent
magnifies as the days progress into February. Current relationships
and hobbies may not interest you as they have before and you may
feel like striking out on your own to explore new terrain.

By March the focus is on money especially money that is part of a
joint partnership. You may be restructuring your life so that it is
more profitable.  Some may be going through a divorce or
reorganizing a business. The point of it all will be to help you
find more freedom in life.

In April you are likely to travel, strictly for pleasure. There may
be a bit of a spiritual quest or you might be trying to further
your own education. You will need to spend more time alone in order
to ground yourself and decide what it is you really want to focus
on in life.

In May you might decide to start your own business or try to make
money doing something that you love. In June a partner comes along
that helps encourage you to make your dreams come through.  June is
also a good time for you to find a new relationship or strengthen
the one you can.

July is a month of temptation for you. Too much food, alcohol or
sex could throw you off your path.  Over indulging at this time
could lead to serious ruptures in your relationships.

In August you will more than likely be spending a great deal of
time with family, or rather spending a great deal of time trying to
escape family. Feeling smothered by these responsibilities may have
you wanting to isolate yourself for a while in September. Taking a
trip is also probably likely at this time.

October is lucky for you financial and an excellent time for you to
invest in a new property. It is also your best time to get married.
  Visits to older relatives are also indicated in October and
throughout November when your ancestry is more important to you.

In December you may find yourself starting off on a new adventure.
It is also highly likely that you will be spending Christmas or New
Year's alone or travelling.  Many of you might also have an
exciting new job or project to focus on by then.

Finally, this is a year when you can get away with more risks than
usual. It is okay to gamble a little and also take more chances for

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