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Numerology / 2011 Personal Year Forecast - Part 2

NUMEROLOGY... Understand your character, Analyze you abilities, Discover your psychological interest and many more...
Do you like numerology? If you do, then this information will be interesting to you.

I am sharing below forecast I received by mail from  This is in relation to the new year 2011 and your date of birth... This is complex for me to explain, just continue reading to find out.

Have Fun!  - M

PS: I like reading these stuff because somehow it gives more light on how I understand myself but I strongly believe in God who leads us to create our own destiny.    

-------Original Message-------
Subject: Your 2011 Personal Year Forecast

2010 marks the end of a 3 Universal Year which means that many of
us made new friends and contacts and spent a great deal of our time
socializing. As we go in to 2011, which if you reduce it adds up to
a 4, the overall theme is going to being getting back to fulfilling
our obligations.
Hard work of a mental or physical nature will be required of almost
every number this year. In 2011 it is going to be time to get serious.
However aside from the Universal Year number (4), the year 2011 is
also going to add up to a Personal Year Number for you as well.
Your Personal Year numbers are considered to be a twelve month long
interlude in an epicycle that consists of the nine numbers.  These
Personal Year numbers run concurrently with the calendar year which
has its own personal year number.
For instance let's say that your birthdates is June 7, 1960.
The Universal Year calculation for 2011 is 2+0+1+1= 4
Your Life Path number is 6 + 7 + 1+9+6+0 = 29 =2+9= 11 = 1+1 = 2
You add your 2 Life Path number to the Universal Year number 4 and
you get a 6.
4 (Universal Year) +2 (Life Path number) = 6 (2011 Personal Year)
Just as a refresher your Personal Year is calculated by adding your
month and day of birth to the digits of the current year. This
number is unique in that it pinpoints which areas need the most
development in your current nine-year cycle.
Here are the different interpretations for the Personal Year
numbers: (6 to 9)

Personal Year of 6
A year six is usually one of financial prosperity. Usually new
career opportunities present themselves. However usually increased
responsibilities are also part of the deal. However wonderful
rewards are yours if you do not shun the new.
You may feel a bit depressed and like isolating in January. It
could be that you feel like you need this time to rebalance
yourself and assess your priorities.  
By February your focus is on
someone who is very special somehow who may need your assistance.
This is your time when you will be called upon to be the proverbial
friend in need.
March will find you expanding your horizons as you try and find a
way to give back to the community. You may have an opportunity to
teach or do some public speaking. Spiritual and religious matters
may interest you more than usual.  You may feel driven by a special
inspiration or feel that what must be done is your "calling" or
mission.  Love will be the driving force behind your ability to
April could find you working very hard to make the kind of money
needed to keep those you love, and perhaps an entire community
supported. Starting a business is also favored during this time.
By May you could also find a partner who is willing to invest or run a
business with you. May is also your best month to apply for credit.
June could bring a baby or marriage into your life or good news
regarding a relative.  Very happy times with friends and family are
indicated throughout June and July. Although you will be sticking
close to home and working hard you will feel so gratified that you
will not want to trade places with anyone else.
August you must watch out for exhaustion. Pace yourself and realize
that you cannot please everyone all of the time.
By September you will be feeling quite pleased with positive
financial developments. You will be working in an atmosphere of
mental health, harmony and balance.  Many of you will be basking in
the appreciation and respect of your family and community.
October could bring a period where very hard work is required in
order for you to take a project through to the next level. Even
though this leaves you less time for family and friends you will be
motivated by the knowledge that what is good for you is ultimately
also going to be good for them - especially financially.
The rewards for this diligence in November will be reflected in your
ability to invest further or buy real estate.
The year ends on a very spiritual note with a sense of completion
and gratification for all the gifts that 2011 has given you.  The
key is to eagerly embrace each new thing that life brings you this
year and not fear having to work hard to get ahead.

Personal Year of 7
A personal year of 7 often creates a need to spend more time alone
in reflection or meditation. You might feel more depressed or like
you have a need to escape the world. Some people also become very
obsessed with one particular creative project or one person during
a 7 Personal Year.
In January your money picture becomes much brighter. You will be
pleased to hear of some kind of inheritance or grant that helps you
slow down a bit so you can take the time to take care of yourself
and do a bit of soul searching.  By February you will be able to
follow up with a spiritual quest and presented with an opportunity
to investigate a matter that has to do with the occult or
spirituality more intensely.
March is the ideal time to strike out on your own, look for a new
job or start a fitness program. Many people realize experience
strange and unusual events at this time that nudge them onto their
true path. Although the changes are uncomfortable at times they
serve to break bad habits that may be holding us back.
In April you may be consumed by a brilliant idea and looking for
ways to rearrange your life so that it can accommodate your grand
plans. May will likely be the most social time for you in 2011.The
universe will probably manifest kindred spirits and people who can
help you accomplish your dreams?
June could bring a period of hardship. You may face a lot of
criticism or feel misunderstood. Take care of yourself as you are
more prone to health problems at this time.  July could also bring
bit problems in your interpersonal relationships. You could be
dealing with addictive or unhealthy people or people that are
exploiting you for their own gain or credit. If you need to leave a
situation for brighter prospects it is highly recommended at this
August is a much saner time for you. Everything will come a bit
easier to you including money and the love and appreciation of
friends and family. However you are still in danger of attracting
unsavory or needy types into your life who may be trying to exploit
you in some way.
In September you will feel like shutting yourself away to work on
yet another creative project. You may also be quite concerned with
expanding your self-awareness.  If a health issue that was
concerning you earlier this year has not been taken care of then
you get a second chance to have it resolved in October.
November brings you a new love and possibly a new set of supportive
friends. You will feel a little less like isolating and more
confident about selling yourself and your ideas.
By the end of the year you will feel like your life is blossoming.
Many nagging issues, some of them years old, will have been
resolved and you will feel that your future is quite bright.

Personal Year of 8
This is a year when things seem to finally work out, all by
themselves, without too much effort or angst. The 8 year often
feels like a big relief to many especially in terms of finances.
You have time to relax and focus on expansion and creating your own
happiness. You may also be asked to step up to the plate and be a
leader of some kind.
In January your focus is going to be on defining your life's
mission and figuring out how best to spend your time. You may be
deciding between taking one life path or another and the decision
may not be the easy. It is likely that you will be choosing the
path that is most financially lucrative.
In February you will be enjoying a fresh start and doing something
that you enjoy doing.  It is very likely that you will be your own
boss or be handed more responsibility than usual but the good news
is that you will be paid handsomely for this promotion.
In March many of you will be deciding to tie the knot or you will
be hearing good news about a marriage or baby in your family.
Socializing with family and friends also becomes more important
this spring. In April you will also have many opportunities to
social climb so be sure you have your website and business card in
good order.
In May you might be faced with a health issue or even a death in
the family. It may be more difficult for you to focus than usual.
June brings the opportunity to travel either to visit family or to
further your business interests.  There is not much holidaying for
you in July but all of your hard work will be paying off in spades
when you get news of a raise or a promotion.  In August you can
look forward to some time off but you are more likely to spend it
at a cottage or closer to home.  Your main priority will be to
spend some quality time with immediate family and dear friends.
September promises to be very lucrative financially. It is the
perfect time for you to invest in real estate or consider starting
or expanding your business. In October you will feel like sharing
your wealth with the less fortunate; actively becoming involved in
charities is in your future.  In November you may find yourself
running a community project in some kind. You will be taking pride
in your new role as a leader or philanthropist.
By the end of the year many of you going through the personal year
of 8 will also find yourselves going into the New Year of 2012 with
a brand new partner or with the bonds between you and your current
love being stronger than ever before.

Personal Year of 9
If you are going through a personal year then you may still be
mourning the loss of something big in your life such as a family
member, a spouse through divorce or job that you held for a very
long time. The good news is that the two and the eight means that
even through these challenges you will be embraced by the support
of loved ones and you will also not want for money.
In January the New Year will really feel like a new start as you
clean house and make room for new things in your life. On a
material level this is a good time to give or sell anything that
you do not need anymore or get rid of old debts.
  By February the "cleaning of house" may extend to your current
circle of friends. You may spend most of this Spring getting rid of
people who are toxic, addicted or annoying. This might also include
a current codependency; a relationship that has gone sour.
In March you may find yourself in a support group or looking for a
new group of friends that will bring you psychological support and
help you relieve your stress. Taking care of your health is
absolutely crucial in April when you may feel depressed or a bit
low.  Self-pampering is definitely indicated.
May is the ideal time for you to go on a retreat or do a bit of
travelling.  Singles could meet new people at this time.  In June
you will also see some travel - possibly for business or to visit
your family.
June might be a month in which you feel a bit overwhelmed. You
might just want to spend more time alone meditating and working on
yourself somehow. Pursuing a fitness plan or new hobby is also
July promises to be a very prosperous month; but once again you may
want to be careful that you do not over-extend yourself or make
promises that you cannot keep.
By August you will have another chance to relax.  You will also
have the opportunity to work on a long-standing relationship issue
that may have been avoiding or that may have kept you from taking
that relationship to the next level. In September you will be
making more decisions regarding this and other matters. You may
decide to put a situation that is still not working to rest for
In October get the chance to start again with someone. Some of you
might be switching a job for one that pays better or starting your
own business. In November a new partner of some kind comes your way
and offers either moral or financial support.
You will feel balanced and more at peace in December. All in all
this is a very spiritual year for year, full of karmic justice and
saying good-bye to those things that no longer serve you.
Phew! That took a lot to cover all the numbers.

Yours in Numbers,

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