Monday, January 17, 2011

Showing signs of ageing? There's a solution...

How do you identify the signs of ageing?  They say the first step to solve a problem is by acknowledging it.

When women hit their 30's, our body would give signals that we are not getting any younger.  Find out 5 things you need to watch out and how to combat the ageing process.

Thread veins start to appear on your legs and veins on your feet become blue and prominent. A pre-disposition to thread veins is largely genetic.  Try to avoid standing for too long and extreme temperatures.  At night, lie flat with your leg resting up the wall.  This relaxes your legs and feet and reduces pressure on your veins.

Your toe nails become warped and discolored.  This is due to a lifetime of wearing nail polish.  Cut your nails short and cover it with a pale pink polish.  To avoid discoloration, rest your nails from polish every month.

Facial Hair
Facial hair seems to sprout alarmingly.  The upside of facial hair as you grow older is that it turns white, making it less visible.  Waxing facial hair is not advisable - it encourages growth and yo have to allow it to grow long enough for the wax to grasp it.  Try threading instead, or a pair of nice tweezers and magnifying mirror will do.

Thinning Eyebrows
Unlike men, whose brows grow bushier, women's become sparser with the passing years.  The worst thing you can do is to have them tattooed.  The color tend to change over time and you'll have to re-touch by having another tattoo.  Better solution:  use dark brown shadow feathered on with an oblique, fairly stiff eyebrow brush.  A dab of mascara can also create an illusion of thickness.

Graying Hair
What more can you do with a gray hair but dye.  When hair dyeing, do not go too dark or the silver will show. Use only a semi-permanent color - that is one without ammonia.  Try honeyed highlights with  chocolate-brown stripes at the roots - this will make your re-growth as if brown.

SOURCE: New York Times News Service

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