Friday, April 29, 2011

Success Is As Easy As ABC

‘Life is Selling’ this is what I learned from a Sales Training I attended under motivation speaker Bob Urichuck. He said ‘Sales is as Easy as A-B-C’ and I believe A – for Attitude; B – for Behavior; and C – for Competency are the essential A-B-C’s to succeed in life as well.

A / is for Attitude - the foundation of all successful people – sale or non-sale practitioner. Without a positive attitude and belief in yourself, your organization, it’s products and services and the market, there is no foundation upon which to build success. You can’t build anything without a solid foundation.

All professionals need to reflect, confirm and take hold of their attitude, realize it is theirs and develop it into a millionaire attitude, overcome fear and be able to deal with rejection, increase productivity and save time and money.

B/ is for Behavior - the daily actions that are required to accomplish goals. You may have an extremely positive attitude but without a set of actions towards achieving a goal you are a long way towards success. You need goals and an action plan to get you where you want to go. Without these goals and behaviors there is no motivation or drive to go further the extra mile.
We need to learn on a personal level the relationship between consistent positive behaviors and success. From the beginning, we need identify and develop personal goals and action plans based on why we do a work or project.

C/ is for Competency – being capable, having an acquired skill or expertise usually coming from experience.
Whatever you’re doing, which ever field you’re in, it is important to show and build your competency. Competency produces confidence and when you’re confident you are likely to succeed because you know you’re doing the right thing. You can be anywhere with anyone and produce the best results.

The Bottom Line: Sales is as easy as ABC.
Life cannot be without sales. To live we sell our knowledge, a product, our expertise, etc.  Without sales there are no transactions. Without transactions there is no revenue. Without revenue, there is no business, no jobs, no bottom line. Sales is the bottom line!

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