Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free stuff are cool

It is not everyday I receive very valuable e-mail that I believe will not only be good for me but to many people as well.  This is one of them and I just have to share it. 

Like me, you might also be looking for answers on how to use your passion and creativity for a greater purpose.  Well here is the good news, we may get our answer through this free teleseminar.  Read on to find out...

PS:  I am just so happy and grateful to Natalie and the Mind Movies Team for their generosity to share these information and by sharing to other people, I believe I am returning the favor...  I hope you find it helpful too.

---------- Original message ----------
From: Natalie Mind Movies Team 

I love it when I get to be apart of something like this!

I've teamed up with Sheila Gale (from The Sheila
Show) to be a part of what is set to be a truly
transformational teleseminar series.

Grab your pass here

There will be interviews with not only myself but 23
world-renowned Visionaries, Scientists, Healers,
Spiritual Alchemists, Internet Marketing Leaders,
Nutritionists, and Life Coaches such as Joe Vitale, Nick
Ortner, Marci Shirmoff, David Wolfe, Janet Attwood, just
to name a few....

We're all gathering for an AMAZING 12 week teleseminar
series discussing things like The Law of Attraction, EFT
Tapping, Passion in your life plus much much more.
Now if that's not exciting enough...what if I told you
it's all TOTALLYFree...Cool huh?
So if you're ready to switch from just existing to prospering
in YOUR life head here now to secure your complimentary
spot in the series

I'll be jumping on the line with Sheila on Thursday
December 30th at 6:00 PM Eastern or 3pm PST and
I would love for you to join us, so make sure you mark
it down in your diary now :)

Have a great day,

The Mind Movies Team

P.S- The series has already started but you're still
able to grab a complimentary pass.

Go here to grab yours

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